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Vision, Mission, Values
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Our Vision
To be one of the most reliable, capable, dependable and trustworthy Mechanical and Civil contractor in this region.

Our Mission
To provide quality, compatible and reliable services through proper project management, implementation and monitoring in the most efficient and timely manner at optimal cost to meet our clients or customers expectation and total satisfaction.

Our Core Values
We commit to perform our work professionally by knowing and doing what is expected. We conduct our business with honesty and integrity. We succeed by working enthusiastically as a team, promoting trust and openness, while respecting the unique contribution of every individual.

Throughout the company’s 15-year history, the values AMAL lived by have been fundamental guides and measures in every aspect of the company’s operations and an explicit part of its strategy. Employees have always understood that while business results are critical, how results are achieved is as important as the results themselves.



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